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A deeper understanding of the triplet probe sorbic acid

Kyle Moor and Markus Schmitt published a set of papers in Environmental Science & Technology on sorbic acid as a probe for triplet-excited dissolved organic matter (3DOM*). These papers use two recently developed laser spectroscopy techniques to measure: (1) the quenching rate constants of 3DOM* with sorbic acid and (2) the pool of triplets in DOM captured when using sorbic acid. By comparing the results between the two measurement approaches, we examine the major differences in our laser-based techniques and hence also singlet oxygen-generating vs. oxidizing triplets in DOM. Overall these studies provide a more comprehensive view of sorbic acid as probe for 3DOM*.

Sorbic Acid as a Triplet Probe: Triplet Energy and Reactivity with Triplet-State Dissolved Organic Matter via 1O2 Phosphorescence

Kyle J. Moor, Markus Schmitt, Paul R. Erickson, and Kristopher McNeill*

Sorbic Acid as a Triplet Probe: Reactivity of Oxidizing Triplets in Dissolved Organic Matter by Direct Observation of Aromatic Amine Oxidation

Markus Schmitt, Kyle J. Moor, Paul R. Erickson, and Kristopher McNeill*

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