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Group retreat 2018, Niederbauen NW, photo: Kris McNeill

Join our research team


Postdoctoral positions

There are no current openings.  Nevertheless, if you are interested in pursuing a postdoctoral position with us, please feel free to send a CV and cover letter to Kris McNeill.  It is common to begin the process 12 months before finishing the PhD. 


PhD positions

There are no current openings. 


Note to students applying from North America: Unlike US and Canadian PhD programs that accept students directly following the Bachelor's degree, ETH (and other European universities) normally require a Master's degree.  Don't be deterred as there are potential ways to work around this mismatch. 

If you are interested in pursuing your PhD at ETH, please email Kris McNeill.



Master thesis advising

We have an ongoing need for smart and motivated students who are interested in pursuing Master thesis research.  If you are interested in doing your thesis on an environmental chemistry topic, please contact Kris McNeill.

Bachelor thesis advising

If you are looking for a challenging and exciting topic for you Bachelor thesis, please consider doing your thesis research with us.  Please contact Kris McNeill.


Other positions

For any other positions, please feel free to contact Kris McNeill.

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