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Markus and Caroline successfully defended their PhD thesis

Within less than two weeks our group celebrated two successful defenses. Markus Schmitt presented his work on "Characterizing organic matter triplet states reactivity and aromatic amine oxidation by time-resolved spectroscopy" at ETH. For this occasion we had the pleasure to catch up with the group alumni Paul Erickson who was part of the committee.

One and a half weeks later Caroline Davis presented her PhD thesis entitled "The Relevance of Singlet Oxygen in the Environmental Photochemical Transformation of Selected Pharmaceuticals" at Eawag where she spent most of her time during the last two years. She had the honour to have two group alumnae on her PhD committee; Christy Remucal and her co-supervisor Lilli Janssen.

Congratulations Caroline and Markus and all the best for the next steps of your journeys!

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