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New probe for triplet-state dissolved organic matter reactivity

Kyle Moor recently published a paper in Environmental Science & Technology on using singlet oxygen phosphorescence as a probe for measuring triplet-excited state dissolved organic matter (3DOM*) reactivity. The concept for this project originated more than a decade ago when Kris was a faculty member at University of Minnesota! This indirect observation method allows access to measuring 3DOM* quenching rate constants and photophysical properties. We determined rate constants that govern 3DOM* natural lifetimes and quenching by oxygen and 2,4,6-trimethylphenol and found that they were generally lower than model sensitizers.

Singlet Oxygen Phosphorescence as a Probe for Triplet-State Dissolved Organic Matter Reactivity

Paul R. Erickson, Kyle J. Moor, Jeffrey J. Werner, Douglas E. Latch, William A. Arnold, and Kristopher McNeill*

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