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Photooxidation of histidine-containing oligopeptides

Chiheng Chu is the lead author on a new paper in ES&T on the photooxidation of histidine-containing oligopeptides. In this study, a series of custom oligopeptides were designed to assess the effect of organic matter association on the photooxidation of histidine. These oligopeptides were cationic, hydrophobic, and anionic and each exhibited affinity for dissolved organic matter and enhanced photooxidation, relative to when a synthetic sensitizer was employed.

Assessing the Indirect Photochemical Transformation of Dissolved Combined Amino Acids through the Use of Systematically Designed Histidine-Containing Oligopeptides

Chiheng Chu, Rachel A. Lundeen, Michael Sander, and Kristopher McNeill*

Environ. Sci. Technol., Article ASAP

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