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Photochemistry of indole, benzimidazole, indazole and benzotriazole

Lilli Janssen and Emily Marron have a new paper on the environmental photochemistry of benzotriazole (a triazaindene), indole (a monoazaindene) and the two in-between structures, benzimidazole and indazole. We have previously examined the photochemistry of indole-containing tryptophan, which is highly photoreactive. Noting that benzimidazole is much more photostable, we wondered where along the structural series the drop in photoreactivity occurs. We found that indazole has intermediate photoreactivity and benzimidazole is even less reactive than benzotriazole.

Aquatic photochemical kinetics of benzotriazole and structurally related compounds Elisabeth M. L. Janssen, Emily Marron, Kristopher McNeill* Environ. Sci.: Processes Impacts, 2015, 17, 939-946.

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